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The borders between perception and reality are increasingly blurred by pharmaceuticals and technology.  Our brains process the signals we perceive, triggering immediate reactions and affecting long term wellness.  Join us as we explore the use of psychedelics, altered reality, and virtual reality in changing perceptions to create healthy outcomes.

Join us on Wednesday, February 19 to learn and discuss more.

This program will be moderated by VP of Operations at Apeel Sciences, Jenny Du.


  • Len Van Nostrand, Owner, Full Spectrum Recovery
  • Leo Canneto, Owner, Zendo Stereo
  • Andy Beall, Chief Scientist, WorldViz

About the Speakers

LEN VAN NOSTRAND, Owner, Full Spectrum Recovery

For over 30 years, Len has devoted his career to developing a comprehensive understanding of the processes of change and the broad spectrum of addictive behaviors. As an effective Certified Coach, Len provides alternative and practical client centered solutions. His refreshing, unique approach is pragmatic while empowering those who are seeking to expand their life in moving beyond recovery.

In the service of those pursuing personal transformation, Len provides concrete strategies to manage difficult emotions, promote post-traumatic growth and foster self-compassion.  His established, unconventional practice has been motivated by his passion for offering incisive guidance and realistic tools for progressive, personal discovery while moving beyond addiction.

Co-founder of Full Spectrum Recovery & Counseling, with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Len is also a Certified SMARTRecovery facilitator, being the first to bring this self-empowering 21st century model of recovery to Santa Barbara County.  In addition, Len has received extensive training with William Miller, Ph.D., the brilliant mind behind Motivational Interviewing (a non-confrontational, collaborative effort between facilitator and client), an evidence based practice of enhancing motivation to change.

LEO CANNETO, Owner, Zendo Stereo

Leo Canneto is a Los Angeles based music producer/musician, web developer, full-time meditator, part-time Burner, ex-rock star and a time traveler. He is passionate about sound and healing, how to hack consciousness for better living and the great potential of psychedelics to influence culture and change it for the better. His new project is “Zendo Stereo”, a guided musical meditation that allows people to experience deep flow sates and introduces the concept of the “psychedelic playlist” as a tool for growth & healing.

Zendo Stereo is a transcendental listening experience. Using wireless headphones (for full immersion and perfect acoustic placement), sub-bass (for full body sound) and sleep masks (to block out all visual input), we guide people thru a 70-minute musical journey that is part musical meditation and part psychedelic experience, bending time and inner space to explore our hidden potential.

Each Zendo Stereo is unique, with a live “3d sound mix” in which the music is manipulated for a one of a kind experience. There are many “flow enhancing” aspects (neurochemical balance, relaxation & entrancement, enhancement of creativity and intuition, etc…), as well as therapeutic benefits of such a guided deep dive.

ANDREW “ANDY” BEALL, Chief Scientist, WorldViz

As a co-founder of WorldViz in 2002, Andrew’s vision of virtual reality applications led the company to become a leading turnkey interactive virtual reality solution provider for Fortune 500 industrial customers as well as numerous government agencies.

Dr. Beall earned his PhD in cognitive psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and also co-directs the Research Center for Virtual Environments and Behavior at the University of California Santa Barbara’s Department of Psychology.

He has received funding from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Office of Naval Research, and the Army Research Office. His research interests include visual psychophysics, collaborative virtual environments, and advanced displays and controls.



JENNY DU, VP Operations, Apeel Sciences

Jenny earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Chemistry and her PhD in Chemistry from Queen’s University (Kingston, ON, Canada) where, during her graduate studies, she was awarded an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada in recognition of her research work. Following completion of her doctoral degree, she joined the Chemistry Department at UCSB as a postdoctoral researcher where she worked for 2 years prior to joining Apeel Sciences as Employee #2 and the Director of Extraction Engineering. She is now the Vice President of Operations at Apeel Sciences, where she is responsible for leading the company’s efforts in Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain, Logistics, IT, Facilities, and EH&S.


Event & Ticket Information

Event Date:  Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Where: 100 E. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101


  • Student: $15.00
  • General-Early-Bird (online only): $30.00
    Sign up now & save $10 off general walk-in rate. Offer ends Tuesday, February 18 at 8 p.m.
  • General-Walk-in: $40.00
  • Parking: FREE


  • 5:00 – 6:00 Networking Hour, Online Check-in & Registration for Walk-ins
  • 6:00 – 7:30 Presentation/Panelist Discussion
  • 7:30 – 8:00 Q&A

Tickets include appetizers and refreshments for both online and walk-in registrants. (Beer or wine separate– cash, pre-paid online or at door.)

If you miss the Online Early-Bird Offer, we welcome guests on the day of the event at the Walk-in rate. (Online rate not applicable.) 

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