Join us as we tackle what comes next in healthcare tech and public health trends as we transition from the sprint to the post-pandemic marathon and a shifting healthcare landscape.

To meet the demands of economic recovery, the sequelae of COVID-19 long haulers, and prevent another pandemic of this magnitude, we must leverage new technologies for surveillance, digital healthcare, as well as preventative and corrective measures in Public Health.

Join us on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, for this FREE ONLINE EVENT.

This program will be moderated by Nini Munoz, Sr. Electrical Design Engineer for Garmin.




  • Jessica Malaty Rivera, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, The COVID Tracking Project
  • Justin Bellante, Founder, President, & Chief Operating Officer, BioIQ
  • Dr. Yulun Wang, Founder, InTouch Health
  • Dr. Joseph Osmundson, Clinical Professor of Biology, New York University


JESSICA MALATY RIVERA, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, The COVID Tracking Project

Jessica Malaty Rivera is an infectious disease epidemiologist and science communicator for The COVID Tracking Project. She earned her MS in Emerging Infectious Diseases from the Georgetown School of Medicine and has dedicated the last 15 years of her career to disease surveillance research, public health policy, and vaccine advocacy. Her specialty is in translating complex scientific concepts into impactful, judgment-free, and accessible information for a diverse audience. She is currently the Science Communication Lead for The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic, a researcher with the COVID-19 Dispersed Volunteer Research Network, a research affiliate at Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator, and an expert contributor for NBC Bay Area and CNN. Jessica was recently named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine for her work on COVID-19 research and data communication.  Between her day jobs and being a full-time mother to two little kids, she also dedicates several hours a week to promoting science literacy and debunking misinformation on social media.

JUSTIN BELLANTE, Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer, BioIQ

Justin Bellante is the founder and President, and Chief Operating Officer of BioIQ. Bellante founded BioIQ in Santa Barbara. He is an engineer who looked at the world through physics and thermodynamics – as a large system consisting of multiple smaller systems. Over the past 15 years, he has used that lens to innovate within the healthcare system, with a focus on helping millions of people more easily access and navigate the healthcare system, better understand their personal health, and take action. He has worked at the intersection of health plans, employers, and venture capital / private equity along with dozens of cutting-edge business partners to use technology to improve healthcare workflows in consumer, employer, health plan, government, hospital, and physician settings. This strong foundation enabled BioIQ to respond rapidly as Covid-19 exploded throughout the U.S last year.

Bellante holds a BS and MS in materials engineering from CWRU and is on leave from his doctorate program at UCSB. He has published in scientific journals including Science, Applied Physics Letters, and MRS Proceedings. A passionate entrepreneur, Bellante lectures in universities on new venture creation, advises start-ups and businesses and is a sought-after expert on healthcare trends and technology.

Bellante lives in Atlanta, Georgia where BioIQ is headquartered after moving from Santa Barbara.  His areas of special interest include Healthcare technology: value-based care, emerging care delivery models, retail health, healthcare analytics, interoperability in healthcare delivery systems, social determinants of health, and entrepreneurialism.

YULUN WANG, PHD, Founder, InTouch Health

Dr. Yulun Wang founded InTouch Health in Santa Barbara in 2003 and served as Chairman & CEO until recently.  InTouch Health was acquired by Teladoc Health in July 2020, for $1.1 billion.  InTouch was the pioneering and market-leading telehealth company offering a platform to health systems that enabled the virtualization of care delivery.  InTouch’s telehealth platform was deployed in over 2500 hospitals prior to its acquisition by Teladoc.

Dr. Wang is now Head of Research and Development at Teladoc, where he is the executive sponsor for Artificial Intelligence initiatives.  He is also serving as Chairman of the World Telehealth Initiative, a non-profit which uses telehealth to bring sustained healthcare to impoverished areas of the world.

Before InTouch, Dr. Wang founded Computer Motion in 1990 and pioneered surgical robotics. He was the inventor of the first FDA-cleared surgical robot, as well as the ZEUS robotic surgical system, which performed the world’s first transatlantic surgery.  Computer Motion merged with Intuitive Surgical in 2003 to become the dominant provider of surgical robotics in the world.

Dr. Wang serves on the board of directors of the Cottage Health System based in Santa Barbara.  He earned his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UCSB in 1988.


JOSEPH OSMUNDSON, PHD, Clinical Professor of Biology, New York University

Joseph Osmundson is a scientist and writer based in New York City. He has a PhD from The Rockefeller University in Molecular Biophysics. His book of essays, VIROLOGY, is forthcoming in 2022 from W.W. Norton. His research has been supported by the American Cancer Society, published in leading biological journals including Cell and PNAS, and he’s currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Biology at NYU. His research uses a wide variety of tools, from structural biology to bioinformatics, to understand a cell’s essential molecular machines. In 2020, he has been organizing with the COVID-19 Working Group – NY for a community-based and science-driven response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and he’s a Scientific Advisor to Treatment Action Group (TAG) on issues of COVID-19 diagnostics, treatment, and drug and vaccine pipeline development. He also taught a course reviewing the molecular virology of coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2 in particular, COVID-19 diagnostic tests and the information each provides. He will be providing key insights into what is understood about how the virus can and may evolve, and what that means for virus variants and vaccine development in the future.

His writing has appeared in The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Gawker, The Lambda Literary Review, and elsewhere, too. His book, Capsid: A Love Song won the POZ Award for best HIV writing (fiction/poetry) and was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award.


NINI MUNOZ, Sr. Electrical Design Engineer, Garmin

Nini Munoz, originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, obtained her PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University in 2014. She completed her BS from Cornell as well. She currently works as the fabrication, design, and process integration lead engineer of inertial navigation systems for Garmin International in Goleta CA.

Prior to working in the aviation sector, she worked extensively on the design of vacuum systems and materials characterization for semiconductor processing. She specialized in the design of sensors for electrochemical detection and neural interfaces, culminating with her graphene sensor work interfacing with the enteric nervous system of mice.
When not working, Nini enjoys spending her time producing bilingual STEM content for the science communication community, taking long walks with her husband, sewing, and playing with her dog, Kona.



Event Date:  Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Where: ONLINE ZOOM EVENT(Click here to register or sign-up below) 


  • 6:00 – 7:00 PM: Panel Discussion
  • 7:00 – 7:30 PM: Q&A
  • 7:30 – 8:00 PM: Preciate Social Networking (Click here to join social)
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