Upcoming on November 16th: The 101 Corridor is leading the way in new diagnostics that will bring information to you and your doctor within minutes or hours. You will no longer have to wait for days for a central diagnostic laboratory to provide critical medical test data regarding your health. This program showcases a range of young diagnostic companies that are poised to launch exciting products and services that will truly change your life. If you or a loved one has ever had a serious bacterial infection, has dealt with osteoporosis or Celiac disease, for example, then you will understand how valuable prompt and accurate diagnosis can be.

Meet and hear from executives at SerimmuneAffinity Biosensors, ActiveLife Scientific, and Aptitude Medical.


Serimmune, Inc.

Serimmune Inc. is early stage, privately funded, molecular diagnostics company developing the next generation of precision diagnostic tests for infectious and autoimmune diseases.  Antibody serology remains a cornerstone of molecular diagnostics – used in hundreds of infectious, autoimmune, and allergy tests. Yet, many existing tests lack desired diagnostic performance and cannot be readily combined into a single platform. Serimmune is applying its Digital Serology platform to rapidly develop improved tests for infectious disease (e.g. Lyme disease, Hepatitis) and autoimmune disease (e.g. Celiac disease, Sjogren’s) that can be combined (multiplexed) without increasing costs. Potentially hundreds of quantitative results can be reported from a patricksingle assay sample to identify under-diagnosed but treatable health problems.

Patrick Daugherty

Patrick Daugherty is President and CSO of Serimmune Inc. (Santa Barbara, CA).  Daugherty was Professor of Chemical Engineering at UC-Santa Barbara from 2001-2016, where he authored more than 70 scientific articles and patents. Daugherty previously co-founded immuno-oncology company CytomX Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CTMX).


Affinity Biosensors, LLC

Affinity Biosensors, LLC develops and markets ­in-vitro diagnostic equipment for clinical microbiology.  Four years in development, LifeScale AST is a benchtop instrument that produces rapid antibiotic susceptibility tests (ASTs) for blood stream infection in about 3 hours, far faster than existing methods.  This speed is enabled by a MEMS-based microfluidics sensor that measures the mass of individual microbes at high throughput.  In early 2017, LifeScale AST will undergo clinical trials for 510k market clearance in the U.S., with a parallel release in Europe.  LifeScale AST is aimed squarely at the rise of antibiotic resistance, will significantly reduce patient mortality and cost of treatment, and is extensible to the complete range targets in clinical microbiology (urinary tract infection, csf, pleural fluid, etc.)  Affinity Biosensors will soon complete a fundraising round, and currently has ample capital to complete clinical trials and begin marketing and sales efforts.

Ken Babcock

Ken came to Santa Barbara in 1991 for a post doc in physics at UCSB, but veered away from academics to join pioneering atomic force microscopy company Digital Instruments.  In 2006 he cofounded Affinity Biosensors to develop the Archimedes Particle Metrology System, used by pharmaceutical companies to assess aggregation in protein-based injectables so as to improve drug safety.  Since 2013 he has lead the development of LifeScale to speed the treatment of sepsis and combat rising antibiotic resistance.


ActiveLife Scientific

One in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 will experience bone fragility fracture.  Bone fragility is not just an old person’s problem; it is also the result of countless diseases and treatment side effects (such as diabetes). Bone fragility affects over 400 million people worldwide.  Nearly 3 in 4 people who suffer from bone fragility will never return to their pre-injury quality of life.

Active Life Scientific, Inc. is a medical device company that has developed the world’s first direct, clinical measure of bone quality, offering physicians unprecedented information for improving the assessment and treatment of bone fragility. Founded in 2007, ActiveLife has worked closely with researchers at top medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Yale, and others, to develop and validate this new, disruptive technology. ActiveLife’s flagship product, OsteoProbe, is a portable, low-cost, hand-operated stylus that features a single-use disposable needle used to measure bone quality in patients without surgery (< 5min outpatient test).

peterPeter Burks

Peter Burks began his career in a research laboratory at UC Santa Barbara, where he earned his PhD in Chemistry under the guidance of Prof. Peter C. Ford. After graduation, Peter’s passion for turning laboratory science into products that improve people’s lives led him to ActiveLife.  During his PhD, Peter published 6 scientific articles and was recognized with several honors and awards including the Corning Inc. Foundation fellowship, multiple National Science Foundation fellowships, as well as a University Award of Distinction and the B.R. Baker Memorial Award, a top award in his program.


Aptitude Medical

Aptitude is a platform company developing aptamer-based diagnostics and treatments. Aptitude creates next-generation aptamers (nucleic acid ligands) that offer unprecedented binding characteristics and can go where traditional antibody-based approaches cannot.  Our lead therapeutic program addresses major unmet needs in the treatment of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in individuals over the age of 55. Our diagnostics programs are focused on enabling sensitive, real-time measurement of analytes at the point of need in a simple, cost-effective format. Our most advanced diagnostic product in development is a personal insulin sensor which is designed for use alongside glucose sensor technology and aims to enable safer and more consistent glucose control in diabetic patients using insulin therapy.

Aptitude spun out of UC Santa Barbara.  The company has validated its technology through multiple commercial collaborations with diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies and government agencies, resulting in a healthy revenue stream, as well. Aptitude’s team is comprised of innovative technology leaders and industry veterans that are dedicated to realizing Aptitude’s vision to improve healthcare.

scottScott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Aptitude Medical.  For nearly a decade, Scott has driven the realization of innovative solutions to major problems in health care. Prior to Aptitude, Scott has played an active role in multiple technology ventures including Cynvenio Biosytems, Ruubix, and Life Cube. He has pioneered technologies for personalized medicine and point of care diagnostics, authoring multiple patents, and peer-reviewed journal publications.



University of California, Santa Barbara

leslieLeslie Edwards, PhD, is the Director of Corporate Business Development for the College of Engineering and Math Life and Physical Sciences at UC Santa Barbara. Leslie provides corporations with insightful access to campus faculty, students, strategic planning for heightened corporate visibility, and other key tools for success between industry and the university. She has an extensive background in relationship building between UC Santa Barbara and corporations. Before coming to UC Santa Barbara, Leslie spent a decade working in the biotech industry and has experience with corporate research, product development, and management. She has been the Manager of division pharmacology and toxicology at Miravant, has worked for five start-up companies, and worked at Amgen before it was a publically traded company.


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