11/17/1999 5:30PM      |  
Santa Barbara, CA
Program Description:
The Central Coast MIT Enterprise Forum presents an informative evening of “eCommerce: A Market For Digital Media” providing networking opportunities and company presentations for entrepreneurs and business professionals alike.

The evening focuses on the challenges of raising captial and growing a start-up business.

The event opens with a presentation from Mike Guttentag, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy for eCompanies, a recently formed eCommerce business incubator located in Santa Monica, California. He presents their investment philosophy, incubation techniques and advice for rapidly growing eCommerce companies. Shortly thereafter, Beatscape, a digital media broker, presents their business pitch before an expert panel. The panelists critique this presentation and offer their advice, expertise and insights into the world of launching an emerging growth company.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999 5:30 PM
Santa Barbara, CA
Student $15.00 Regular $30.00
At the Door $40.00 Parking $0.00
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