And the Bandwidth Played On — Wednesday February 16, 2011


Featuring: Andy Seybold, Jay Hennigan, Bob Fasulkey

AT&T reported that only 3 percent of its iPhone-installed base was using 40 percent of the bandwidth being consumed by iPhones on its network. Verizon CEO predicts wireless devices will grow from 1 Billion devices to 10 Billion in a matter of 5 years. By 2014 CEA Projects U.S. consumers will purchase nearly 30 million internet-connected TVs and the worldwide figure will reach upwards of 185 Million.

The infrastructure is getting maxed due to greater/accelerated use of the network for live video, videos streaming, and general growth of smart phones. The devices that attach to the internet are growing exponentially. And what we do with these devices is changing and requiring more bandwidth than ever before.

Andrew Seybold, is the mobile wireless industry’s trusted resource for strategic consulting, research, and analysis and will be addressing the issue of bandwidth limitations on February 16th at the Cabrillo Arts Pavilion on behalf of the MIT Central Coast Forum. Mr. Seybold is an internationally renowned expert in the field of mobile technology, network infrastructure, and has for some time predicted that the wired and wireless internet will quickly reach points of constraint.

Find out what this means for you as a consumer and as an enterprising entrepreneur on February 16th, 2011 at 5:30 at the Cabrillo Arts Pavilion. To register – please visit

Additional panelists include Jay Hennigan – one of the founders of one of the first ISP’s in the Central Coast and currently Director of Network Engineering at Impulse Advanced Communications.

February 2011 – “And the Bandwidth Played On” – Speaker Biographies

Andrew M. Seybold CEO & Principal Consultant, Andrew Seybold, Inc. Andrew Seybold is one of the world’s leading authorities on technology and trends shaping the world of wireless mobility. Mr. Seybold is a respected analyst, consultant, commentator, author and active participant in wireless industry trade organizations. His views have influenced strategies and shaped initiatives for many of the world’s most respected names in the wireless industry from Verizon to Nokia. He is founder and CEO of Andrew Seybold, Inc., a wireless industry consulting firm that advises wireless mobility companies from start-up to Fortune 1000. Mr. Seybold is widely known throughout the wireless communications industry for his keen perspective as well as his track record for accurately predicting trends in mobile wireless technology and convergence.

Jay Hennigan Director of Network Engineering, Impulse Communications. Jay has been with the Company since inception and is responsible for the Company’s voice and data network infrastructure. His department designs and implements most customer networks.

Bob Fasulkey, Vice President of Engineering, Digital West Networks, Inc. Bob Fasulkey brought to Digital West a wealth of industry experience that spans network operations, business economics and regulatory requirements of telecommunications and data systems around the globe. For more than 30 years he has designed and implemented all forms of telecommunications technologies spanning from RF to optics. He has lead technical teams dedicated to research and design functions at various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the Silicon Valley.

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