The MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast presents keynote speaker Lt. Gen. Larry James. Lt. Gen. James will discuss the global and local challenges and opportunities of operating in a congested space environment. In his current role, he oversees 20,500 people working to provide missile warning, space superiority, satellite operations including GPS, launch and range operations, and round-the-clock monitoring of 21,000+ Earth-orbiting space objects. Lt. Gen. James is also working to promote a cooperative approach for all space users (U.S., foreign, military, civilian) for operating safely in space.

David Masten, CEO of Masten Space Systems and recent winner of the 2009 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander X PRIZE Challenge, will speak about his Mojave-based startup company’s endeavors to revolutionize unmanned and manned spaceflight by making it cheaper and more widely available.

Dan Burnham, retired CEO and Chairman of Raytheon, will join both presenters in a panel discussion on meeting the challenges and identifying opportunities in space operations around the world and here in our own area, including Vandenberg AFB.

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