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A Developer's Responsibility & the Use of AI

A Developer's Responsibility & the Use of AI

Date: Wed., January 19, 2022
Location: Cabrillo Pavilion, 1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA

AI has changed the world as we know it – sparking change across all industries. We will discuss how to use AI responsibly and what we need to do now to ensure AI is expanding our capabilities in a sustainable way.


PAST EVENT: June 16, 2021

The Pandemic: Has the COVID Sprint turned into a marathon?

This month we tackle what comes next in healthcare tech and public health trends as we transition from the sprint to the post-pandemic marathon and a shifting healthcare landscape.

To meet the demands of economic recovery, the sequelae of COVID-19 long haulers, and prevent another pandemic of this magnitude, we must leverage new technologies for surveillance, digital healthcare, as well as preventative and corrective measures in Public Health.

PAST EVENT: May 19, 2021

Navigating the Gig Economy: Working, Hiring & Building a Business in 2021

The gig economy is a flexible employment system based on temporary job positions and short-term arrangements between an organization and an independent worker. Around 57 million people or 34% of the US workforce was somehow involved in the gig economy pre-pandemic and even though the pandemic affected the gig worker initially, the number of gig workers increased by 33% in 2020. This is a huge expanding segment of the US economy and our panelists will discuss how you can join in, avoid the pitfalls and survive and thrive in the growing gig economy.

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